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New Children’s Books You Can’t Miss _ Liberty University Online Academy

New Children’s Books You Can’t Miss

As summer approaches, we want to encourage students to keep reading! That’s one of the reasons why we have the Summer Reading Challenge for students! There are so many books out there for children to enjoy.

Are you looking for some children’s books to read with your kids? Here are some new Christian kids’ books you don’t want to miss!

Even Me by Adrienne CampIn this book, Adie Camp teams up with her daughters to tell a story of sharing God’s love to those all over the world. This book teaches young children that they can have an impact on God’s Kingdom, no matter how old they are. Even Me celebrates cultural differences and evangelism for people of all ages. You can read our interview with Adie Camp here!

Don’t Forget to Remember by Ellie HolcombEllie Holcomb writes a story of how important it is to look around and remember God’s love. God’s love is displayed through so many things around us in the world, and Ellie’s reminder and lesson to children is to be intentional about noticing those things.

Finding Home by Karen Kingsbury and Tyler RussellThis book tells the story of the Baxter family, and gives children valuable life lessons about family, professional essay writing service faith, and more. To make this book better, it’s a part of a series! You as the parent can read the adult versions while your children read the kids versions – make it a family affair! This is a great chapter book to get kids reading at a higher level.

When God Made the World by Matthew Paul TurnerThis book teaches children about creation and the story of Genesis. This goes even deeper though. Matthew Paul Turner ties together the story of the Bible with science today, emphasizing how clear it is that God created the world.

When I Pray for You by Matthew Paul TurnerThis is a story to read your child over and over again. As a parent, learn what to pray over your child as you watch them grow up. As a child, they’ll feel your intentionality as their caregiver and nurturer.

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