In the past I’ve produced a whole lot of answers but I am always left wondering whether any of them apply to my everyday life. After years of using computers I’ve developed some standards that I use to ascertain what makes a great pc and what makes a bad one. My goal isn’t to leave you in the dark when it comes to finding your new best personal computer. Here’s what I believe.

To begin with, I would say that in the event that you want to acquire the best personal computer for podcasting, then you need to get a notebook that has a good video card. If you don’t already have a video card on your laptop then you need to definitely get one as they are seriously critical for editing and recording videos. If you’re going to be streaming a great deal of audio content then you will also want to have a sound card that supports a whole lot of different formats. You may not be using a lot of formats right now but the possibilities are endless.

Second, let us discuss RAM. Having sufficient RAM is absolutely crucial to running everything easily. Also having a processor that has a high thread count will improve your processing speed dramatically. But having too much can cause your chip to crash or freeze so you will need to be certain you receive a 10 Best Laptops for Podcasting mid-range processor which has 2-4GB of RAM.

Last, but definitely not least, you’ll need to get a good graphics card into your notebook. But a graphics card is the most valuable if you plan on rendering audio or video files which need a high resolution.

Hopefully you’ve been able to assemble a few basic pieces of advice about purchasing a laptop. One last piece of advice I’d love to share is that it is best to buy a notebook which has a recovery element. By recovery I mean it has a battery backup in case you accidentally power down your notebook. This way you can keep your significant work saved on the laptop instead of sending it to the rescue.

Now you have these few pieces of information you should know what type of laptop works best for your needs. If you’re looking for portability then you might want to consider a Macbook. However, if you require something with a larger screen and a built in computer then you will likely be interested in a HP Compaq laptop. Last but not least, if you want the best computer for multimedia or multimedia demands then you will probably be interested at a Samsung laptop. As long as you are conscious of your abilities then purchasing a notebook should be a relatively simple task. Just remember to spend some time doing just a bit of research before making your choice.